How My Spring Vacation Differed From Everyone Elses’

April 5, 2014

Hello fellow Glog viewers!

The long awaited Spring semester has finally arrived! And now that we’re back to glogging, I might be a little rusty so stick with me.

As some of you may know, I am a junior here at the academy and yes, that means I went on the infamous Junior Four Point adventure into the winter woods for 9 glorious days of camping and hiking. As I look back on that experience, I am so proud of my peers, and of myself, that we were able to handle everything, especially each other! There were sad moments, hard moments, learning moments, self-reflection moments, happy moments, and motivating moments. All of which made us stronger as a group and as individuals.

I would like to share some of those moments with you today as I display some pictures below.

This picture was of the second morning. The temperature was between 15-25 degrees below zero. We had frost growing on the edges of our hair and eyelashes. This was definitely a hard moment.

Our group at the top of South Bald face. A happy moment.

This is Alex L.’s solo camp. A learning moment.

A picture of camp one day. A nice self-reflection moment.

Here I am pictured in all my  glorious vigor of  the first sight of road in 9 days. Definitely a motivator moment because home was now just a bus ride away.

There were no pictures taken for sad moments which is probably for the best.
Now, I wish I could share pictures from everybody’s albums but that would take up 500 pages of this post and we’re supposed to keep it short and sweet.

Junior Four Point brings a new meaning to “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Thanks for tuning in this week!

Yogi Tea quote #6

“Our life is measured by our strengths, not our weaknesses.”


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    Thanks for sharing some moments from Jr 4 Pt.

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