How Gregg Doane Sees It

June 1, 2011

Skate School

By Gregg Doane

Gregg Doane

Gregg Doane

Gregg Doane

Study hall at night
Kingpin snaps the first day out
Always skating four hours a day
Traveling to Camp Woodward,
Every skater’s dream!

Safety gear…ughh
Celebrating when you get that trick
Hanging out in Vogt House Dorm
Oh, nine parks, five states,  2,000 miles
Observing a 9th grade class
Long class mornings, waiting to skate

Skate School has given me academic success from working with my tutors and more tricks that I can do on a skateboard. Hopefully, I remember the great times that I have had here at Gould. Some of these are, going to the barn with my humanities tutor, Ms. Wilkerson and some funny things that Toebee Parkhurst said in the hotel. But the one thing that really stands out is when we were going to the America’s Best Inn in Portsmouth, NH we were wicked surprised when right there at the counter there was a sign saying “Welcome Gould Academy.” This made us feel quite special and part of something that was bigger than Skate School. The most disappointing thing that happened was, on the first day, the kingpin to my trucks snapped in half, but luckily I had a spare pair. Skate School makes me want to try harder back at my home school.


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