How do you say “Halloween” in Spanish?

October 30, 2012

OVERHEARD IN MY HOUSE: “ I’m worried my brother won’t talk to me anymore, now that he’s thirteen.  Teenagers don’t LIKE little kids!
Answer to the question in the title: it’s “Jalouín” (pronounced pretty much like “Halloween”, if Iñigo Montoya  from The Princess Bride said it).

Again, another year has gone by, and we are rapidly approaching our daughter Chaia’s favorite day of all.  The day of dress-up, socializing, meeting new people, and getting candy from them.  Gould students are also getting in on the act, starting the week with a color day that proved, once and for all, that people have very few pieces of green clothing.  Sorry Sophomores, you got the short stick today.  “Spirit Day” today was won hands down by the Junior class (color: Red.  Motto: “We have 15 more people and are louder than the Seniors.”).  Tomorrow is “Twin Day.”  I figure that since I’m actually married to a twin, I don’t have to go as one.  Or maybe I’ll go as a “twin separated at birth”, who doesn’t know where their twin is but feels an unusual psychic connection to him.  I’m feeling like he’s eating cheesecake right now…

So anyways, I thought I would jot down a couple of lists this week (I haven’t really done a list this year after all), and so I give you the following lists (and I’m giving them to you in list-form, to show you either how clever or how witty I am):

  1. A list of really bad trick-or-treat treats
  2. A list of really bad costumes for Western Maine in October

Here we go- I did some extensive research (asked my 2 children) and came up with a list of truly weak handouts.  People, you have been warned.  Under no circumstances hand out the following unless you really want your house egged weekly:

  • Pickles
  • Mismatched socks (tried it once; don’t do it)
  • Raw eggs (just asking for it)
  • Dental floss
  • Paprika
  • Canned beets
  • Bag of Glass (Google this-it’s real)
  • York Peppermint Patties (I’ll come over and help you dispose of these, ok?)

I also did some research into costumes, both good and bad.  Some flat-out winners are:
A.  Anything having to do with zombies or vampires
2.  Any costume requiring the wearer to have a sword or light saber

And there are, well, not-winners.  For those of you who live in Western Maine, you will probably understand the reasoning behind most of these.  Please, people, don’t send your kids out dressed as:

  • A tax collector
  • Any sign related to the upcoming election
  • An olympic high diver (brrrrr…..)
  • A white-tailed deer

Mind you, both of our kids have decided to be rangers this year.  Not your Ranger-Smith-protecting-picnic-baskets-from-Yogi-Bear ranger, but the kind of ranger found in The Ranger’s Apprentice books:  A master of stealth, invisibility, and tracking in the woods-kind of ranger.  Yes, we are sending Ben and Chaia out into the dark wearing camouflage cloaks.  Hmmm…

Personally I think it would be fun to go out as a front door.  You know?  You knock, someone answers the door, and…“hey!  A door!  Did I open my door or not?” I’ll leave you this week imagining the look on the confused homeowner’s face.

Happy Jalouín!



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