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April 12, 2012

Hello all and welcome back to your Wednesday dose of GLOG

So to make a long story short, I had two great posts lined up for you guys, last week and this week. I was in Breckenridge, Colorado last week, at some post-season spring- series ski races. Sadly for me I spent more time in first aid than I did on the slope: I ended up tearing my ACL and coming home early. But since Breckenridge is so darn pretty I figured I should put at least one picture of it in here:

Since I can’t do any real sports for a while, I’ve decided to become the official cheerleader of Gould Academy. Starting today.

There were three home sports events at Gould this afternoon: Men’s varsity lacrosse, men’s JV lacrosse, and men’s and women’s varsity tennis. The JV lacrosse team took on White Mountain School, varsity lacrosse played Lewiston High School, and the men’s tennis team played Mountain Valley High School while the women duked it out with Hebron Academy. Unfortunately I didn’t catch the  JV lacrosse game, but I did get some pictures of the varsity lacrosse game as well    as the tennis matches.


Liam in the face-off

closing in on the net















The Gould boys are in the black, and I believe they won the game 17-2, so nice work boys!

Also got some shot of the tennis team (sorry the quality of these pictures aren’t as great, I had to take them looking through the fence) These are pictures of Uxua (left) and Maddie (right) playing together in their doubles match (which they won!)

Being the cheerleader was also fun because I got to watch my little brother Will play tennis, which I have never really gotten the chance to do. He did really well, as did all the other athletes I got to watch today. Congrats to all the teams on their wins, and see you guys next Wednesday!









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