Holy Holi….

March 27, 2013

Well….the day started with some ice breakers with the 9th graders from Taktse.  Then some work with  the kindergartners, tea, a class with Mr Baker and lunch.  After lunch we all received a “sacrificial” shirt …..humm.  We all changed into said shirts, boarded the bus with our new 9th grade Taktse friends and headed into Gangtok to celebrate the Holi Festival.  Now if you did not google this last night see for yourself what this entails.  To some this could be a big check mark on their bucket list!  Enjoy, we did….


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  1. Avatar Amy Amann says:

    Nice!! That color really becomes you T! Looks like a beautiful, green, area…thinking of you!! xoxo

  2. Avatar James McLaughlin says:

    Hey Pennywise! “We all float. Beep beep!” That sounded like a lot of fun in the video. What a blast!

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