hola señorita bonita!

March 21, 2011


Truly miserable.

That is the way I can describe feeling after returning from six wonderful days in tropical Cancun, Mexico to the cold, dreary state of New Hampshire.  My mother so graciously accompanied me on a spring break trip that left me feeling satisfied and rejuvenated.  Waking up to 85 degree weather and sunshine every morning definitely helped improve my overall health.. both my mental and physical (I got a killer tan while I was down there).   Aqua blue ocean water, poolside piña coolatas at lunch, friendly hotel concierge workers greeting you with “Hola senorita bonita!” everytime you entered a room…. why is it I agreed to come home?

But anyways, I can say I’m excited to return to Gould for the spring.  Springtime at the academy is always the best because everyone is constantly outside from studying for finals on the lawn, suntanning, iced coffees from Isabella’s, frispee on the front field… the possibilities are endless.  Although I’ve heard there is still a lot of snow on the ground, I hope that soon the weather in Bethel will soon start to replicate that of Cancun…. keep your fingers crossed.


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