Hiking in Western Maine with my 270 best friends!!

October 5, 2010

OVERHEARD AT THE ACADEMY (My glog entries will always begin this way): Overheard in Gehring Hall- “Sorry I wasn’t in bed by 10:00, I forgot to pee.”

Mountain Day!!! Just mentioning it sends students, faculty, and alums lurking on the Glog into a tizzy. Yesterday’s Mountain Day began as it should…with classes. Ah yes, the great Gould Academy fake-out! I also heard that at least one intrepid, and clearly not-busy-enough student ran over to the dining hall just to make sure that the food tables were set up….tsk, tsk.

So, on to the buses and vans, up to Weld, and to the top of Tumbledown for a fabulous day of sun, breeze, foliage, and good company. As a bonus, I got to carry down all of the lost T-shirts and hats. Seriously, who forgets their SHIRT??

I’m thinking of having a yard sale.

"Hmm....I could be in Spanish class right now..."


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