High Albedo

December 2, 2008

What is albedo? Well, here’s an example- when you look at a winter crescent moon from a snow-covered earth, you can often see a dim light on the entire round surface of the moon. That dim light is the albedo. It’s the light reflected from the snow on Earth back to the moon. Winter nights are often just a bit brighter than non-winter nights because of light reflected from the snow. Can you really tell the difference? I say, YES! I’m often outside at dusk and recently, with the snow cover, it’s been easier to see later into the evening.

Albedo also comes into play right here on the surface of the earth. Gould’s campus has a few lamp posts and outside lights. Last night that light was maximized by slight fog and snow cover. The new snow cover and the dim light made outside play irresistible for students who had just returned from Thanksgiving break. These photos (taken by Catherine H.) were taken right outside of Gehring.

Don’t worry, moms and dads- Mike IS wearing his helmet! Do helmets really make parents stop worrying about their kids hucking themselves off jumps or racing down a hill close to 70 mph? If only they could!

Here’s to a safe and FUN winter at Gould Academy!

Until next week, Gloggers!


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