Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it’s off to work we go…

November 4, 2008

It’s started! The hard work of putting up new fencing in the barnyard has begun! After digging the old fashioned way we’ve borrowed a post-hole auger (from Sawyer’s family, class of 2010) for the tractor. I do believe there’s great value in hard work with a tangible outcome- like digging holes and putting in posts. I also believe, however, there’s plenty to be done, even if the holes are largely dug for us!

The farm and forest crew has welcomed the post-setting help of a couple teams who have completed their matches and games for the season. On Wednesday Gould’s golf team joined us and on Thursday the boys’ JVb soccer team came to help. The power of numbers is very helpful and the attention to quality is much appreciated. Here are some pics of the golf team helping, and of Jeremy Nellis guiding the auger. Jeremy just can’t seem to resist an opportunity to work!

Another highlight of this week is the activity of Gould Goes Green, Gould’s group of students and faculty who are dedicated to helping make Gould a more environmentally friendly and conservation minded campus. This week Gould Goes Green is collecting and weighing all the food waste that is generated in the dining hall. Students are scraping their plates into buckets and kitchen staff are weighing things like vegetable peelings and line food that can’t be served again. I’m pleased to report that Gould students generate less than one 5 gallon bucket at many meals. That may sound like a lot, but many people are eating here! I feel certain that as awareness grows, waste will diminish. The data collected by Gould Goes Green will be used in the implementation of a school-wide composting program. We’re not sure how, where, or when yet, but I say with confidence that it’s coming!

Friday night, Halloween, the walls of Gehring were shaking and thumping with music from a dance in the basement. Fortunately our little trick-or-treater was so tuckered out from running through town that nothing could wake him up!

Until next week, Gloggers!


HapBir-day Grama!


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