Hey Mother Nature…

March 28, 2012

So the foothills of Western Maine can really come up with some interesting weather. Last week we saw temperatures up to 85 degrees, yesterday snow…. And not just a dusting, a real snowfall of nearly 3 inches.

As they say in Maine, “If  you don’t like the weather….Wait a minute…!”

Yesterday on Church St

This Snowfall is on the eve of me, (Chris) heading to Colorado for this year’s USASA Nationals at Copper Mountain.

This is a yearly trip for the riders and now skiers who qualify to compete in their age groups against others from all over the country.

This year there will be seven riders from Gould and 12 younger riders from our weekend development program. If you want to follow our progress at Nationals you can check us out on Twitter @ridegould where I will be posting continuously with heat results and the team goings on. I will also be posting daily results on the GACP Facebook page.

So winter’s still here, and that’s just the way we like it. “That’s the way, ahu ahu, I like it, ahu ahu…!”

That’s it for now.

See ya on the flipside.


The Davies’s’s’s’s


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