He’s Baaaack!!!!

October 20, 2015

OVERHEARD IN HONORS SPANISH 4/SPANISH 5 CLASS: “Hey Jefe, just how many fish did Jesus turn into wine?”

So there’s that.

Greetings all of you out there in Glogsylvania! This is my first entry of the school year, so I thought I should introduce myself.

And then I thought better of it. Because introducing myself is EXACTLY what you’d expect me to do here. And I like to do the unexpected, outrageous, or downright silly at least once a week. So that’s just what I’ll do today. Also, I am “El Jefe.” I teach Spanish at The Academy.

Here in my first entry of the year I should make it clear to all of you that I am

A: an avid collector of silly statements by my students, and
2: a teacher that has been at Gould for manymanymanymany years. So long, in fact, that the students from my first year here are just now getting their AARP cards in the mail.

I have been at Gould SOOO LOOONG, that I can remember when Gould had a ski jumping team, but no admissions building. I remember when the business office was in the faculty room, and the faculty room was in the library, and the library had a big, long ramp into it, and there was a card catalog (students-ask your grandparents)!

But I’m not introducing myself. Instead, I thought that I should show you (those of you who are not lucky enough to live in Maine’s most beautiful mountain village- and by that I DON’T mean you, Rangely) some photos of our lovely town. Here is the local, quaint New England church:

Quaint New England church.

Quaint New England church.

Also, we have nice local people, who like to make cell phone calls underneath street signs:



(Notice that in Bethel, anyone named “Samedi” cannot park between 9 and 19 o’clock)

And if you get lost in Bethel, all you have to do is ask for directions, which are also posted clearly for all to see:



I’m still trying to figure out the “19 o’clock” thing, since my clock only goes up to 12. Maybe it’s a secret Bethel thing that I have yet to learn. Anyways, welcome to Tuesday’s GLOG, I look forward to seeing you here every week! I’ll leave off by showing you the official school coat of arms, flying over one of our buildings:

Gould's "Lion Rampant" coat of arms

Gould’s “Lion Rampant” coat of arms

À la semaine prochaine!



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  1. Avatar Kelly Adams says:

    Hilarious!! My husband Sam is a Gould grad ’77 and was a ski jumper!! Our son Nick Adams is a new sophomore this year. Looking forward to your posts every week!
    Kelly Adams

    • Avatar Doug Alford says:

      Kelly, thanks for reading! I loved the ski jump while it was here (I was the safety guy at the top of the jump, flagging jumpers when it was safe).

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