Last China Meeting — Here we go!

February 25, 2014

Hi everybody!

We just had our last meeting of the China group during school. The next time we will all be together is in Beijing 18 days from now (not that I am counting down or anything!) We went over a whole bunch of details for the trip from practical knowledge to thoughts about taking good pictures.

Below are the slides from the powerpoint of what we went over. We also handed out the packing list with instructions for the boarding students to think about what they need from their rooms and to make sure they pack it when they leave. If you have a chance, a bit of parental reinforcement might help everyone to have what they need as they pack. The two big questions about clothing had the answers: No Leggings, period. No sweatshirts, period. The packing list is available on the infoserver if you need to see a copy.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send me an email. There will be a few more posts prior to the trip. One about travel specifics in the next week or so. We will email if any posts go up. We will be posting daily while in China, so be sure to check in midday to see what we were up the day before.


China ppt intro

China ppt in

China ppt out

China ppt buying things

China ppt photos

China ppt Technology

China ppt journaling

China ppt packing





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