Help Centers Provide Custom Peer Tutoring

December 9, 2012

Gould Academy help centers provide a perfect resource and opportunity for students to get custom help in core subjects. They are organized by teachers from each department, and involve volunteer peer tutors.

The help centers develop a sense of community throughout the student body. The tutors volunteer because they care about helping their peers be successful.

“Students are able to get help just about every night of the week in a variety of subjects, and they get to work with other students who have an interest in helping other students and also have a strength in that subject area,” said Holly Tornrose, English teacher and Writing Center director. “It’s a really great opportunity for basically the whole community to help one another, and to become even more successful in their studies.”

Emma working on her French homework with a peer tutor.

The students can use the help centers for any type of extra help they could need. Each student gets to work with one peer tutor, and focus on what they struggle with. Zee ’13 is in his third year as a writing center tutor. He helps with any stage of the writing process a student is in, from rough draft to a thesis statement.

“I think that the help centers, math, writing, language and science center, are really important at Gould because it gives a chance for students to connect with one another, especially for students who need help in certain areas,” said Zee. “It’s a perfect outlet for students to receive help on anything they are struggling with, and since it’s one-on-one students really get the help they need.”

The help centers focus on what each individual student requires. Emma ’16,  uses the language center to get extra help on her french homework.

“I like going to the help centers because it helps with my french, working on writing sentences and knowing the vocabulary. It also puts you on a one-to-one level during study hall, which makes it really easy to get extra help,” she said.


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