Hello Y’all

October 19, 2015

Hello out there in Glog-world!

My name is Colin Penley and I will be your Sunday Glogger (Gloger? … not sure of the proper form yet.) (So I realize I am a day off… but here’s my theory: Before Saturday classes, we have Fake Fridays; break is sort of a perpetual Semi-Sunday.  We currently are on Fall Break, therefore Semi-Sunday, which is good enough for me. [Basically, sorry to jump on to Monday Ms. Stack.]) (I am also using a lot of parenthetical statements… and ellipses… hm.)

Although not a true Mainer, Bethel has been my main Maine base of operations since before my second birthday, about 30 years at this point. I went to Crescent Park School, the local elementary school, and became a better skier because of the Rug Rats program. I went to Hebron Academy for middle school, boarding school in Massachusetts, and Middlebury College in Vermont, before returning to Bethel to teach at Gould in 2006. 

I am now beginning my tenth year at Gould. I am currently teaching History and Chinese. I live in Holden Hall, one of the boys dorms. I direct the Fall Physical Performance production with Mr. Ben Liff (more about that next week) and work as a coach of the Rug Rats program with Ms. Nancy Barstow and Ms. Kathy Doyon. I help to organize the China portion of 9th grade Four Point. I am also an advisor to my mini-UN, 7 advisees, 7+ countries represented, who I am sure you will hear more about throughout the year. 

I am excited to share a bit about my life at Gould and tell y’all about some of the great stuff that goes on here. (Just a note: I know I am not a southerner [unless you count living in South Paris, Maine on some school breaks…], but as a language teacher, I think is a great failing of the English language that we do not differentiate second person singular and second person plural. So I like “y’all” [rather than “yous guys”] to solve that problem. [Until you get to the very southerner “y’all” as singular and “all-y’all” as plural… but I digress.]) (Again with the parenthetical statements… I guess it gives y’all a window into how my mind works. Sorry, I know it is a bit scary… trust me I live it!)

I will try to have pictures in my posts. This week I only have one: 


This is Henry. Henry and I traveled to China together. Henry rides fast down hill. Ride, Henry, Ride!


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