Hello to Parents

October 9, 2008

Parents have already started to arrive at Gould for the upcoming Fall Parents Weekend, And what a great time to come to Maine. The fall colors are pretty much at their peak, and it hasn’t even been very cold yet. This weekend is also Fall Festival at Sunday River, with many activities such as mountain biking and bands. If you’re in the area, take a trip up; it’s a lot of fun.
There were many games yesterday for the sports teams.
The golfers won the MAISAD championships at Poland Springs, with the help of Kyle Anderson who came in first in this team event.
As for soccer, I watched the varsity girls. They were out gunned by a strong fast Kents Hill team.
The JV A boys team won against Proctor, and the Varsity boys lost. I’m not sure how the JV girls did, but they played really well during the part of the game I did see.

Here’s a fun question for this week; please hit the comment button to guess. We’ll answer next week.

How many sets of siblings currently go to Gould, and name them if you can….??

Next week I promise we’ll take a look at the visual arts department and maybe even get some teaser pics of their coming performances.

Chris and Helen Davies


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    9 sets of siblingsDevon and TuckerCooper and CrosbyRosemary and MargueriteFrances and LydiaHilary and TaylorSun and YoungIona and YesheMeagan and WyattJane and JianQiang

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