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October 26, 2015

Since I got the good new from Mrs. Lambert that I was selected to Glog this year, I have been searching for a theme… something to tie my posts together.  I do not think I can complete with Andrew, but I will give it my best shot.  I have run through the usual list of ideas that occupy most of my daily thoughts: parenting, teaching history, advising, parenting, coaching, gardening, parenting, etc.  None of these seemed to a) be intriguing enough and b) be a sustainable theme.  Suddenly, last night as I was checking Facebook it came to me.  STYLE!  I do not in any way consider myself stylish, I do not read style articles or blogs, or try to keep up with new trends.  But, what I observe at school and at home with my 3.75 year old daughter is some days enlightening and often frustrating. So there you have it, Stack’s thoughts on Style…

Some initial thoughts about Gould style:

First, Dress Code!  I went to a high school where we had a traditional dress code of khaki pants and collard shirts (TUCKED IN).  That was it, plain and simple.  I often think we should tightening things up around here.  I applaud our students for getting creative within the confines of the dress code, really??


Second, The Hipster fad is fading and then plain old conservative Red Neck style is trending – ask Wyatt Fokine for styling advice.

IMG_6111Third, It is getting COLD people!  Short shorts are out, put on some damn pants, zip up that jacket, and for goodness sake invest in a wool sweater.

That’s it for this week, if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or other frustrations you would like to share please comment below.


(Since you will be reading this on Monday – try to take some of my ideas, suggestions, or frustrations into consideration while dressing for formal dinner.)


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  1. Ms. Sessions Ms. Sessions says:

    Trevor is from Wisconsin and as such is held to a higher standard for Winter Wear. Lookin’ good, Trev!

  2. Avatar Deborah Ann says:

    Great theme Mrs. Stack, I look forward to reading the blog!

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