Health and Wellness

March 4, 2014

The tenth graders spent the entire day on Sunday (after a lovely sleep-in) learning and thinking about themselves and how best to take care of their bodies and their minds.  Watching “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” the night before was the perfect way to start thinking about hard choices, relationships, love, nutrition and all the many other things that are important to the healthy growth of an adolescent.  Easily, the most fun event of the day was a trip to the local grocery store.  After students were placed into groups of five, they were given $10 and the task of purchasing the healthiest snack they could.  It was eye-opening for everyone.  Some comments heard upon return:

“Who knew peanut butter was so expensive?”

“Can you believe how much sugar is in most juices?”

“I can’t believe how many ingredients were listed on the package!”

“Buying healthy snacks is a really hard!”


The most interesting item purchased? A rotisserie chicken…

We rounded out the day with small group discussions to process the day.


Adam Leff meeting with his group.









Of course, the evening wouldn’t have been complete without a snack!  The frozen yogurt sundaes were a big hit! perhaps the toppings weren't so healthy...

Okay…so perhaps the toppings weren’t so healthy…

kids at the sundae bar

no complaints from the kids!


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