Health and Wellness Sessions

February 20, 2011

Our health and wellness sessions have begun. The sophomores were broken up into four groups today, two girls groups, and two boys groups. Sessions will be discussing nutrition, drug education, as well as managing stress and anxiety.

During the nutrition discussion students were shown what five pounds of fat looks like, Jaimie’s response to this visual, “that’s gross”.

Sophomores were also shown how much fat can be found in certain foods. The difference in fat content between skim milk and whole milk is quite a bit. Andy was shocked by the difference and has decided he will never drink whole milk again.

During the anxiety and stress management session the group discussed the different stressors between the past and the present. Are we more stressed today than people who lived in the past? The group spent the afternoon exploring this question.

Good discussions, and good questions being asked by these sophomore boys.

The sessions are going great! Students are asking great questions, they are engaged and taking everything in.


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