Heading Home …. Return Trip Information 3/27 & 3/29!

March 26, 2014

Hello Everyone!It will soon be time to welcome home our travelers. At The Birds NestTZ groupGroup at Temple of HeavenThe China group returns Thursday night, tomorrow! The Tanzania group returns Saturday afternoon. Please note the return and pick up details below.  Parents should have confirmed this week via email to donovanp@gouldacademy.org what the pick up plan is for their daughter or son. Any questions or concerns should be directed to Pat Donovan’s email or via phone at (207) 461-3576 or (207) 592-4322.  You can follow their journey home on the flight tracker.

The China group lands Thursday at 11:30 PM in Boston at Terminal A.

Their flight itinerary is:
Depart PEK Beijing, China on March 27 – Delta #0188 at 5:50 PM Arrive in Detroit at 6:55 PM
Depart Detroit #0188 at  9:45 PM  Arrive in Boston on March 27 at 11:32 PM (Terminal A)

The Tanzania group lands Saturday at 1:15 PM in Boston at Terminal E.

Their flight itinerary is:
Depart JRO Kilimanjaro on  March 28  – Kenya Airways #6725 at 7:30 PM to NBO Nairobi (arrive 8:30 PM)
Depart NBO Nairobi  – Kenya Airways #0102 at 11:50 PM to LHR London Heathrow (arrive 5:45 AM)
Depart LHR London Heathrow – Delta # 0187 at 9:30 AM to BOS Boston
Arrive Boston on March 29 at 1:15 PM (Terminal E)


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