Happy Turkey Day!

November 26, 2007

I am still full from one of the best meals of the year; Thanksgiving feast was just as fun, fruitful, and filling as ever. My week was very relaxing, and it feels great to be able to put my feet up. I’m still feeling a little pressure though, as the deadline for college applications seems to be getting closer and closer. Don’t worry Big D (my college counselor), I did spend some of my break working on all those supplements.

My brother Patrick “The Don” Donovan and his girlfriend Caddie “White Tornado” Jackson cmae back to the bustling metropolis of Bethel Maine on Wednesday. It was great to see them and we got into the holiday spirit by watching Elf, possibly the greatest christmas movie ever.

Then we all headed down to Scituate (no way I spelled that right), Massachusetts, where we met up with my mothers family. She is the oldest of seven children, who liked to make children, so we have a pretty big family. It was a little crazy, but a lot of fun, and a ton of dancing. We met my other brothers Emmett, Finn, and Angus (Angus is unoficially a brother, but a definete part of the family) at my Uncle and Aunts house.

Then it began. The turkey, the stuffing, the mashed potatoes, the squash, the gravy, the turkey and potatoes again. I ate till I could not eat anymore; I even felt sick, but I was content. There is always room for desert though, and I feasted again on everything sweet. We celebrated hard after the triptaphane (absolutely no way I spelled this one right, but you guys no what I’m talking about) wore all off. The next day we played a little basketball and ate even more before we headed back up to Bethel Bethel the city of Dreams.

We’re lucky to have tomorrow off too, while most schools are reluctantly going back to work. But students will be getting back and we too will be preparing for a winter term, one we hope to make a good one. Well, I’ll keep everyone updated on the term, so keep reading cancheros!


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