Happy Presidents Day!

February 18, 2008

Today is an amazing day, for today we celebrate the Birthday of one of my great friends, George Washington . . . or Abraham Lincoln. The founding fathers of this country and great men in Americas history are remembered, praised, and placed upon a little pedestal in our hearts on this day.

This day also marks the beginning of the end, for Gould Academy has only this week left of classes before 4 point, and then spring break. That means that all the teachers on wrapping up whatever it is that we’re studying right now. For AP Literature, we just read a novel called A Lesson Before Dying, and I think it is one of the best books I’ve read. It tells the story of a African American boy falsely accused of murder in the 1940’s, and a reluctant teacher that meets with him before his execution, and the lessons they learn. It is an amazing book, and everyone should read it.

All my classes are year long courses, except for Music Tech, so I’m only working on my music tech final right now. I’m doing a recorded oral report on the story of My great grandfather, James Cradock. He fought for the IRA in the Irish Revolution against the British, and then on the Republican side of the civil war. He and some of his comrades became POWs in the civil war, and he spent time in the Galway Prison. He was sentenced to death, and one night, they told him that he would be one of six to be executed at dawn the next day. When he woke up though, they had switched another prisoner into his spot. So I’m telling his story, putting some Irish music behind it, and maybe some other little tricks.

The end of the Winter trimester also means the end of athletics, so this is my last week doing physical therapy/training/conditioning with Derek “Dr. Love” Allison. We’ve already decided that we’re going to do a little physical testing on Friday, just to see what I can do now. This last week, I jumped in with the Freestyle ski teams game of Knockout, in which I got Coach Brian “Buff” Broderick out, looks like you might want to hit the gym more Chief! This also means that Next season is very soon, which means that Lacrosse is almost here, and I can not wait for it! I love lacrosse more than French Toast, and French Toast is pretty amazing. So as sad as it is to see this Trimester end, there are many great things waiting in the spring, like warmth and grass, more residential rumbles, and . . . graduating, which is a little crazy to think about. So stay tuned and keep reading!


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