Happy Passover, Gouldies!!!

April 15, 2014

OVERHEARD IN THE DINING HALL: “Is today the Passover Day? Happy Passover Day!”

Yes, Victor, today is the Passover day! Actually, this entire WEEK is Passover, the annual holiday where my people gather around the table to celebrate that most important event in biblical history: The invention of brisket.

No! Well, yes, we DO eat brisket (and a slightly absurd quantity of other delicious foods), but we are celebrating the invention of religious freedom. Not a bad reason for a holiday, eh? So in the spirit of freedom, Jewish people spend a week depriving themselves of bread. And corn. And barley. And donuts.

In fact, during Passover (for those that choose to observe it) we don’t eat any grains. Instead we eat traditional things, like “Colorful Lemons.”  If you don’t know what a “Colorful Lemon”, you have 2 options:

A: Ask fellow Glogger Alec Manning what they are, or

2: Look at this website:


You won’t be sorry.

So Happy Passover all, and enjoy religious freedom. And “Colorful Lemons!”

"Why is this night different from all other nights?"

“Why is this night different from all other nights?”

(Photo credit: Tricia Alford)


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