Happy New Year….!!

January 6, 2010

Hello everyone,
Happy New Year to you all, I hope everyone had a great Holiday season and a fun New Year. The new year here at Gould has started off well, with 3 new students. I haven’t met the girls yet, but we have a new junior in Davidson, Rolf Lehman. He’ll be living on my floor….I wonder if he has ever had English Crumpets.….!

Talking of food, I think I’m going to share some more of my interesting food pictures, because I don’t have any other pictures. And everyone loves pictures right..

A chicken finger that looks like a squirrel
A interesting burger in DenverA lovely desert or a penguin..?

Also tonight (Thurs) we have a Mahoussuc Arts Council performance at Gould, Fusionworks a dance group from Rhode Island http://www.fusionworksdance.org/ I’m really looking forward to see the show.
See you all next week
The Davies’s

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