Happy Friday!!!!

October 3, 2014

Happy Friday!!!


Hey everyone, my name is Cullen Boone and this is my first Glog ever!! I’ve recently been told that Friday has a huge glogging history by former Glogger, Alec Manning, who also had the Friday slot. Hopefully I live up to Friday’s legacy! Here are a few things about me:


I’m a junior, and this my second year here

I’m from Arlington, Virginia

I’m a boarding student and I live in Davidson. D-Block!!

I love soccer, and play for Gould’s Varsity team

I love to write and I’m looking forward to being a part of this year’s Glog

I really like to ski, although I’m absolutely terrible at it

I also play basketball and lacrosse.

I was really counting on it being mountain day yesterday, (you’ve probably seen Aiden’s post on Mountain Day)


Lastly, feel free to comment on any one of my posts, and I look forward to sharing my experience at Gould with the Glog community!

Here’s a picture of me and two of my quad mates (I’m on the right):








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  1. chris hayward chris hayward says:

    Nice work Cullen! I look forward to your weekly Glog.

  2. Avatar Nancy says:

    Nice to meet you, Cullen. I’ll look forward to your Friday Glogs.

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