Happy Easter/Passover!

April 8, 2012

Hi Everybody!

I hope you all had a great week! I sure did, except being infected with the current Gould epidemic… seems like its starting to settle down again though, most people are back to their normal schedules – Including me!

Although it was a cold week, it was rather pretty weather, being that it was mostly sunny every day! I’m starting to get back in the swing of school which is making me very happy!

Also, my Granny and Grandad came up this weekend, which is awesome! I don’t get to see them enough, as they live in Binghamton, New York (A long, long, way away from us). Can’t wait to visit them as I start touring colleges though! (Binghamton University)

Anyways, let me fill you in on my Easter Sunday!

First, I got up super early, walked up the stairs to the main level of my house, and was asked if I had found any easter eggs! Well, Considering I hadn’t put in my contacts, or my glasses, I hadn’t tried. Of course, someone was in my bathroom so I couldn’t grab my contacts, or my glasses (which were mysteriously in my glasses case in my bathroom. Go Figure!) after some encouragement from my siblings, I decided to go down. let me tell you, I was glad no one was watching me. If you’ve ever put sunglasses on somebody in a dark room, and asked them to find something, you’ll know how I felt. Absolutely helpless (found ’em all though!).

Next, I sat down for a breakfast of waffles and sausages. YUM! I love that breakfast. I got to talk with my Granny for a little while, before we headed up to Sunday River for what might be my last time this year. Kinda sad again.

However, I got to watch the insanity that is pond skimming for the first time. My two sisters and their friend from the weekend program, Cece Desimone (who graced the cover of this past weeks issue of the Sunday River newspaper, with a picture from her performance last year in pond skimming) dressed up as the three little pigs and went to the pond. None of them survived it… just kidding, they got a little wet! My youngest sister, Lily, had a great faceplant though. So proud of them all!

Then, we went to our local ski shop, Jack Frost, to do some last minute gift card spending. I got a great pair of 3/4 length long underwear, and a pair of Mountain Khaki pants (love the style of mountain-oriented pants).

Then, when we got home, our parents and grandparents surprised us with some gifts! My parents got me a great air mattress for backpacking (perfect for my senior four point, and a nap in the floor this afternoon!), and also got our family as a whole the Mario and Sonic at the London Olympic Games. Hilarity ensued. Also, My grandparents got us a new board game, involving phrases, which is awesome!, and we each got a different giant chocolate easter egg (from Britain) with fun sized candy bars at the bottom!(Flake, Caramel, and Creme eggs, for those who know the wonders of fine British milk chocolates!)

And now, I am sitting here on the couch watching the Master’s Golf Tournament with my family. A fitting end to the day, just before a ham dinner. Gotta love cheering for Phil Mickelson!


I hope you all had just as awesome a day as I have, and are enjoying the last bit of your weekend!


Blue skies and happy trails! (unless you’re in Maine. Mother nature can’t seem to make up her mind, so we’ve got a week of wintry mix!)



Here is a montage of the 3 little pigs, skiing, and falling into water.

The three little pigs, from left to right: Cece, Lily and Kim. Pre-swim, of course!


The First Little Piggie (Cece) goes for a morning skim...

...AND SHE almost makes it. sigh.

The Second Little Piggie (Kim) braves the big bad pond...

But The big bad Pond knocks down her dreams of making it!

The Third Little Piggie(Lily) going for it!

And the first scorpion of the day!


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