Happy Break!

December 22, 2012

twas the day before break when all through the school

the students were stirring, like fish in a pool

the homework was done by the freshmen with care

in hopes that vacation soon would be there

faculty kids nestled snug in their beds,

as visions of snow fall danced in their heads.

Mr. Hoyle in his tie and Molly in a vest

had just settled down for a LONG Spanish test

when out in the field there came such a clatter

we sprang from our seats to see what was the matter

out to the field we ran quick as a wink

Liam’s eyes flew wide open as he saw the ice rink

the sun on the slush of the fresh melted ice

gave a metal like lustre to the flying device

when, who to our wondering eyes should appear

but a jovial man with cameras and gear

with a click of his shutter, all dressed in his best

“SMILE” he said, “i’m off to yulefest”

A huge thanks to the Gould community and our excellent photographer for a great Yulefest! Happy holidays everyone.


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  1. Jay Riley Jay Riley says:

    Nice one, Kathryn… Merry Christmas!

  2. Avatar Martha Siegel says:

    Love it!

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