Happy 2011!!!

January 1, 2011


(daughter): Dad, can we have brunch at the dining hall today?

(father): No honey, the big kids are on vacation and the dining hall’s closed.

(daughter): Oh.  Then can we go to dinner at the dining hall tonight?

Happy New Year to everyone out there in Gouldland!  I realize that this entry is several days late, but I have been busy doing my favorite vacation activity: Napping.

True, in between my naps I have been engaged in some seriously active things like dozing, eating, nodding off, reading, catching 40 winks, watching movies with one eye open, and sleeping.  But of all of the things I have been doing and not doing this week, napping is my favorite.

I also managed to spend a few days skiing with family and friends, including  fantastic days last Monday and Tuesday with Ben, who described every trail as being “epic.”  The bumps were epic, the steeps were epic, even the baked potato at the Peak Lodge was epic.  And maybe best of all, I got to ski with Gould’s very own Jim McLaughlin.  Jim returned to skiing this week after a 20 year break.  My desire to ski with him during his return to the slopes was based on my need to fulfill an important, nay, critical piece in our 12-year friendship- I needed to beat him at SOMETHING.

I am not making this up:  Jim beats me at EVERYTHING.  I’ve tried darts, basketball, soccer, broomball, foosball, snozzball, billiards, and hanging spoons from our faces.  He always beats me.  So it was really nice to hit the slopes and beat him at the one thing I knew I had and he didn’t… I have a season’s pass that includes Sugarloaf, and his only includes Sunday River.

Hah!  Take that, James!!!!

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays as much as we are.  Enjoy the last weekend of break, and have a happy New Year.

An “epic” New Year.


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