October 29, 2007

Monday, MONday, MonDAY! I’m back again to update, evaluate, and discussate this weeks happenings. It was a big week for me, for on Thursday I went under the knife! No no, not plastic surgery, they just took the hardware out of my ankle that they put in when I broke my ankle last winter. They did a little cleaning of scar tissue and cartilage while they were in there too. So I went on bed rest both Thursday and Friday, it sounds fun, but it gets boring after the 3rd re-run of Cheers. So this week the trivia is not classroom trivia, but surgery trivia! Exciting. Your question is, “What does RICE stand for in the healthy world?” This is an easy one, but we’ll see if anyone actually does it.

Classes are going good. We’re studying different cases that are going to come up before the Supreme Court in AP Government and Politics, we have to write a legal brief supporting a side. It’s not like your average paper which is cool. We just finished the book Crime and Punishment in English, great book.

I was able to get up from the couch on Saturday, but I wasn’t as thrilled as you would think, because I went straight up to Hanscom to take the ACTs. It was long, real long, but I liked them better than the SATs. Now I should be all done with Standardized Testing. Early Action deadlines are coming up soon, so I’ve got to get everything all set for that, it’s going to be a busy week.

In Residential Rumble news, the latest competition was a Pumpkin Carving competition on Saturday night. Every person that wanted to was able to carve a pumpkin, and
then they were judged with points going to that person’s team. Day Students won 1st and 3rd, and Holden won 2nd. There were alot of crazy pumpkins though, kind of scary too. I tried to put some pictures up of the pumpkins, but had a little technical difficulties. Sorry, but I’ll see if I can’t get it to work a little later in the week.

My life has been focused around the Red Sox lately, and hopefully at this point they have won the fourth game and are the Champions. There are some pretty die hard Red Sox fans up at school, and Yankees fans are just made fun of and shunned. Not really, but we do like to rub it in their face a little.

It’s getting cold up here, rumor has it is that they’re making snow tonight. Winter is coming, and so is Halloween. I’m excited for everyone to wear there costume to school on Wednesday, a little Gould tradition. In my high school career, I have been one of the Hanson brothers, an old Irish Farmer (this was when I went to school in Ireland), and Jesus. This year is a good costume, I like it. But that’s all from me, so I will write again next week, when it will probably be even colder. Keep reading, and Stay Classy Glog Readers.


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