Halloween, Running MAISAD victory, and 350

October 30, 2009


Well, tomorrow really, but today is the day to dress up at the Academy! Pull on your own spooky costume (you know you want to) and be sure to check out all of the crazy outfits here at Gould. Have fun!

Earlier this week the x-c running team won MAISADs at Augusta! Gould took home the Men’s Varsity and Women’s varsity trophies while Men’s JV came in second. It was a chilly, gray day but we quickly warmed up and Gould became the life of the race. Henry Gaudion and Casey Craig blazed ahead of the competition in their races. Henry bagged the Men’s Varsity gold by a whole minute. Casey dominated the women’s race, but heartbreakingly took a wrong turn near the finish and came in 4th. David Wilde took the victory in the Men’s JV race. Every member of the team ran hard and contributed to Gould’s win! Congratulations team!

At Gould, we know how to paddle. We also care about the world and the impact we make upon the environment. These two passions came together when several students and teachers from Gould participated in a community Climate Change Action. On a beautifully clear evening about 50 people paddled out into the middle of Songo Pond. After an interesting few minutes of boat wrangling we finally came together to form the number “350”. Mr. MacKnight then flew over us and took a bunch of pictures. This was our small part of the world wide climate action, and we made the national news! There is a competition, and right now we’re ranked 3rd in the world! Check it out and vote for us (10 is the highest vote) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/23/350s-international-day-of_n_332309.html?slidenumber=OgRs%2BzHc74w%3D#slide_image


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