Halloween in Bethel, Chaia Alford style

November 1, 2011

OVERHEARD IN CLASS: (A student, while eating a pastry in class) “This tastes SOOO good, but I think I just ate some of the wrapping…”

My daughter is a Halloweenatarian, and yes, I just made up that word .  In Chaia’s world Halloween would come as regularly as light bulbs blow out in our 100 year-old house.  Or more often.  For her, everything that happens on Halloween is PERFECT.  Ideal, magnificent, yada yada yada.  If you think about it, she’s 100% nine-year-old right.  On this day she gets to :

  1. Dress up
  2. Eat pizza, chicken fingers, and fries, and drink apple juice
  3. Get together with all her friends
  4. Stay out until after dark
  5. Knock on lots of doors all over town
  6. Meet smiling people who:

What’s not to like?

In some ways she is like every other kid out there, and then in other ways…….If you know Chaia personally, you are already giggling and painting Chaia-pictures in your head.  Chaia as an infant, telling everyone around her the questions that they were supposed to ask her.  Chaia afraid to go to kindergarten screening because she was sure they were going to tell her she had to do a cartwheel, and she can’t DO a cartwheel.  Chaia jumping in conversation from reality to fantasy in the same sentence.  Chaia telling people EXACTLY what she thinks, because, hey, we tell her to always tell the truth.  If you ask her if she likes the food you made, be prepared for the WHOLE truth.  So back to Halloween, Chaia-style.  Chaia is fond of designing her own costumes around her personality, and what she is interested in at the moment.  So this year Chaia sallied forth from Gould’s dining hall as….wait for it……

-A “Ninja Flutist.”

I am not inventing this.  Chaia started playing the flute this year, and has at the same time (sometimes at EXACTLY the same time) exhibited an interest in karate.  You can see now how we got to the costume for 2011.  Dressed all in black (every parent’s dream; to have their child trick-or-treating, dressed to be invisible), with a flute appliqued to her candy bag.

Just imagine- Classical musician by day, trained assassin by night.

Hey, it could happen……in Chaia’s world.

I leave you with some pics of Gould faculty kids on this, the most special-est of Chaia’s days.  And just remember, when you hear those airy musical notes, it’s probably already too late for you….

The “Ninja Flutist” in her natural habitat.



Avery "Picasso" (Kahlo? Kandinsky?)


An "Izzyburger" (lit-up at night...a "light burger"?)


Batman and his faithful sidekick....Dorothy? (Luke and Emma)


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  1. Avatar Colin says:

    “Just imagine- Classical musician by day, trained assassin by night.”

    Sounds like a great plot for a novel. Shooting blow darts out of the end of the flute. Dressed for success, yadda.. yadda…

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    Thanks for the idea, Christian. Feel free to subscribe to the Glog in the upper right. Easier than a bookmark!

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