halloween at the academy

November 1, 2010

hey everyone !

the kardashians

I hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did! This past weekend was Halloween weekend here at the academy, and it was definitely one to remember.  The weekend started off with a relay-race doughnut eating contest for a residential rumble on Friday morning (definitely not designed with Gehring girls in mind…), dress-up day on Saturday morning for class, a craaaaazzzzzy dance on Saturday night in the DSL, and then a chicken-nugget/pizza/candy dinner on Halloween itself last night.  The dining hall staff dressed up Ordway to appeal to the “horror” of Halloween, including a cd of somewhat frightening tunes with an occasional scream on the track every now and then.

doin work

My favorite part of the weekend was probably the dance, with an amazing show put on by DJ’s Trevor and Jake.  The music was bumpin, people’s costumes were crazy (with my favorite probably being Nathan Kirsch’s, which was one of a monk-like figure.  He even shaved his entire head… that shows commitment), and we danced for three hours straight.  I know the proctors are trying to plan another dance before exam week, so hopefully we’ll be able to pull that off in time to have yet another amazing dance here at the academy.


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