Guest Glogger: Melissa

May 10, 2014

Hey Gloggies! Sorry for the short notice Glog post but hey, better  later then never right?!  Today I bring you my first guest glogger Melissa S. She’s a pretty cool person with a pretty cool life. Here is her very first post!

Hey everyone out there in the glog world! It’s Melissa, Natalie’s guest glogger for the week!

Here’s some quick facts about me:
I’m a junior
I’m on the cycling team
I love mac n cheese
I’m a Massachusetts native turned Mainer (aka I moved up to Maine to go to Gould)
I live on a lake
I love the outdoors

So as I sat myself down tonight to write this glog I was completely overwhelmed with things to talk about! There so much going on campus right now and even though I’m feeling pretty tired its nice to see that spring may have actually arrived in our corner of Maine. So here’s a little bit of whats going on in my world at Gould:

Happy parents weekend!! As a day student, the best part of parents weekend for me is probably the food and the people watching…
Also, Happy Early Mothers day!! I hope everyone is spending time with their mothers and families today and tomorrow. I know I’m getting excited to make some french toast in the morning for my mom…
Congratulations to all the sports teams who played today! Everyone did great! The cycling team (cough* the best team on campus cough*) had a great home race today in the 80+˚ weather. It was great to see all the parents out watching their kids and cheering the team on. There were lots of great finishes and lots of delicious cookies and treats at the top.
Also, tonight was the first night I drove down church street on my way home and was able to see lots of people outside hanging out! Spring is definitely here at the academy

But, on a completely separate note I thought I could share with you a different side of my Gould experience. This term I decided to take a film class. I’m no film maker but the class is pretty fun. So far we’ve had several different projects: a music video, a commercial and an interview. Right now we just started the final project to show at the Gould film festival later this spring (if you haven’t gone before you can’t miss it! It’s always thoroughly entertaining). I thought I would share with you just a couple of the videos we’ve done so far. So sit back and enjoy these shorts!

This commercial features Schuyler

Cream Soda

We’ve got an interview with Yutaro future baseball prodigy

And the absolute best one (no bias whatsoever!) is my music video for the Gould Cycling team

And for all of you not able to visit Gould this weekend I would say this video sums of spring at the academy pretty well:

Now this is only a small sampling of our amateur videos and there are plenty more out there if you want to watch them. I guess I’ve probably reached the end of your attention span but enjoy the rest of the spring term and students: be good to your parents!

– Melissa 15′

P.S. Today was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day. A lot of vitamin D was soaked up!


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  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    Fun videos!! A great way to start my day:)

  2. Avatar doug alford says:

    Melissa, you should consider being a full-time Glogger next year!! This is great!

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