Guest Glog: Mona Heckerd ’14

February 20, 2013

Heeeelllooo everyone!

Mona and Me!

I would like to introduce a guest blogger this week…MOOOONA! Mona is a junior environmentalist, feminist and strives to be the next Buddha. She is prepping for her journey into the woods and is giving us some insight as to how she’s feeling and what she expects. I don’t want to spoil anymore, so here she is MOOOOONA….





Today I packed for Junior 4-point. AAHHH! As I was sized for hiking boots I realized how uncomfortable I felt. I had not expected it to feel this way at all. I guess I had assumed that I would be fine, simply due to the fact that I have lived in Maine for my entire life. But as I walked around with those huge (and extremely unfashionable) boots I felt like one of those dogs wearing snow slippers. I kept shaking my feet around trying to locate them. I guess this is one of the main points of the 4-point program… It requires everyone to leave their comfort zone. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, we are all in the same boat (or the same shoes).

I think it’s fair to say that all of us juniors become more and more anxious as March 3rd approaches. Some of us just want to get it over with and some of us never want it to come. I know that every morning and I see new snow, my heart skips a beat. And every time I’m walking to class and the wind blows, I think I might cry. But I guess the important thing to remember is that all of us can do it.


The last thing I would like to write is a note to all junior parents:

We, the junior class, can do it. I know you are all at least a bit nervous about us facing the winter Maine woods, but we will be okay. I say this in complete confidence because I know that every single one of my peers is capable. (Even those from L.A. Florida and Texas) Try not to worry too much and keep our beds warm for us.


Until next time!

Courtney and Mona!


ps. This week Buddha says, “Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.”


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  1. Avatar Liz Beebe says:

    I can say with complete confidence you will be OK and it will likely be a really empowering experience.

    When I was a Jr. preparing for the same trip, I had a LOT of trepidation. At the time anything outside of my comfort zone I had become really fearful of. During my Sophomore year at Gould I’d inexplicably began to have panic attacks. Jr. Four Point was looming and i was terrified of being away from everything I knew to be home, the 24 hour solo being my most feared challenge.

    I now look back at that trip as physically challenging (but something we all handled), emotionally empowering (I spent my whole solo next to a beautiful stream singing and writing) and incredibly bonding.

    Rely on your classmates, tell them how you feel and you’ll support each other. I distinctly remember sitting around the fire on our first night out there (with Bonnie and Mac 🙂 ) and asking for support. Gouldies will never fail to respond to that request with open hearts and arms.

    (Oh, and sleep with a hot water bottle and DON’T take your hat off and you won’t be cold 🙂 )

  2. Avatar Brooke says:

    The picture should say Mona and Me, not I.

    Good luck,

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