Guest Glog: Brooke Kelly ’16

May 8, 2016

23 things I learned at Gould that will help with the survival of a first year away from home:

1. Embrace orientation- this is when you’ll meet your first (and maybe closest!) friends

2. Find those ties and dresses – there are way more Tuesday formal dinners than you can imagine

3. Bathroom etiquette! – Don’t be that person that gets out of the shower soaking wet and makes the bathroom floor gross

4. Remember to leave your backpack outside of assembly

5. Clean your room – there is almost always food involved with room check, and trust me you’ll want it

6. Get a laundry card – immediately

7. Don’t be afraid to let Sunday be a lazy day

8. Don’t make decisions based on other people’s decisions

9. Plan your salads around the salad dressings

10. Remember your key card

11. Go to breakfast

12. Don’t be afraid to ask upperclassman for help – no matter what it is you might need them for

13. Never forget to check in at dinner – Fridays and Saturdays only!

14. Buy a water bottle – and bring it with you everywhere

15. Wear your Gould apparel proudly when you’re off campus – its a small world out there, and you never know who might recognize it

16. Stock up on food – you’ll get hungry randomly, so be prepared

17. Bring lots of hangers – and invest in bins and organizers

18. Always time your laundry – if you know you’re parents are coming up or taking you home, don’t do laundry.

19. Use the panini machine

20. Don’t stay up too late – teachers can be scary at night

21. Don’t lend anyone your charger – unless you’re right there with them

22. Try new things

23. Take tons of pictures – years from now, you’ll be endlessly grateful you did.

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This guest glog is brought to you by Brooke Kelly ’16 🙂


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