Guest facilitators and a trip to LA!

February 20, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012


This morning, we were joined by Nichol and Eryn, adolescent development specialists, who met with the sophomores to explore and reflect on a whole series of issues.  To wrap it up, Eryn gave a brief lecture on the brain and communication differences between men and women; it was enlightening.  After a quick lunch, we headed to Lewiston/Auburn, ME to see the play “Almost, Maine.”  It was an entertaining show with some very funny moments, but it clearly demonstrated what we have been thinking about as a group since last night: relationships can be wonderful and challenging all at the same time.

Clayton and Sawyer



This evening, after some journal writing and small group discussion, we devoured the homemade whoopie pies (delicious!) and then broke into our community service groups to make plans for tomorrow.  Fifteen students will remain on campus to host a senior citizen luncheon and activity and the other thirty three will head back to Lewiston to the Trinity Jubilee Center to support the Somali community.  It looks like everyone will have a very busy day.


creative use of space...

Lindsey, Lexi and Delaney


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