February 16, 2012

The moment they were all waiting for: the announcement of the groups!

Although e-mails had been coming in and some students were figuring out where they were headed, tonight we finally gathered as groups for the first time. Everyone is excited as the realization that we are leaving tonight finally sinks in.

A brief introduction to the groups:


Isabella D., Alex L., Ali C., Kaila S., Leon R., Mr. Whittington, Chris K., Zach B. and Natalie (Mrs. Whittington is preparing the way and flew to Beijing two days ago.)




















Chris G., David C., Max S., Mr. MacKnight, Anna M., Mia H., Mr. Shifrin, Grace C., Melissa S., Sam B., and Evan L.



















Rachael S., Aiden C., Ben H., Mrs. Cummings, Jameson H., Mr. Penley, Bo W., Hunter C., Rose G., Lexi S., Skye F., and Miranda P.


















and Xi’an:

Paige C., Rachael G., Mr. Alford, Kasmira W., Jack M., Roman P., Pratt O., Riley M., Mrs. Alford, Jinny J., Will K., and Kyler W.


















So we head out shortly to Boston for the first leg of our trip to China. If I can I will post on more short post on the road but there will be a period of radio silence while we cross the north pole.

Here we go! 一路平安,一路顺风. (Safe travels!)





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