Grip it and Rip it!

November 13, 2007

I’m having a hard time picking just a few highlights from the week. One was certainly the manure moving project that occurred Friday afternoon. Manure is good fertilizer for pastures and gardens and we have plenty of it! Our pasture is very steep on the top and very wet at the bottom, creating a challenge for spreading the manure.

Fortunately Mr. Lynch volunteered his intramural team to help and several faculty members loaned us tools. In a period of about an hour and a half 30 people reduced our pile to the ground, spread manure on part of the pasture, and top-dressed the garden. Their work is SO appreciated! It was even kind of fun!

This weekend we had 2 special treats in the dorm. After a surprise party with plenty of cake for Annie (thanks to Annie’s mom), we had a pizza party provided by Anne’s mom! How did we get so lucky? It’s nice to break the routine a bit as we head into exams.

Friday night, in preparation for a Residential Rumble long-drive competition, we broke out the golf team’s swing analyzer. Mr. Hedden was, of course, behind the practice session. Any excuse to swing a golf club is a good one! There was some good practice and some serious laughter. We all know, “keep your eye on the ball,” but have you heard, “just grip it and rip it!” We all learned a valuable lesson in the “grip it” department: When golfing indoors, always be sure you have a good grip on the club!!

Tuesday is the first day of exams!

Until next week, Gloggers!



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