Greetings From Beijing!

March 11, 2015

Hello All-

Colin Penley here. I am in Beijing getting everything set up for the first part of our adventure in China.

A few last check ins:

1) All communication from this point on, with the exception of a quick email to tell everyone that the group has arrived, will take place on the blog rather than through email.  Throughout the trip, we will endeavor to post before we head to bed, but some days the schedule will prevent us from getting a full post up until the morning. Remember the time difference is 12 hours to the East coast of the United States so most posts will go up between 9-11 am or 6-8 pm.

2) I hope that everyone has been thinking about packing (although I am sure many of you are already packed!) Just case you need it one last time here is the Packing List China 2015 and some thoughts about Host Gifts. Remember in packing: PACK LIGHT!

3) Chris Hayward sent out an email with meeting and flight information last week.

“I will be meeting a few students in Boston on the 12th and everyone else will arrive at Boston’s Logan Airport on the 13th at Terminal B by 6 AM.
Students traveling with the group from Bethel must be on campus in Gehring Hall by 8 pm on the 12th. A bus will be bringing the group to Boston’s Logan Airport for the 6 AM meeting time at Terminal B on the 13th.
We will wait for the entire group to arrive before checking in and going through security. Please be on time.
Final Flight itinerary
Depart Boston (BOS) 13 Mar – UA # 1146 @ 8:56 AM to Dulles (IAD) arrive @ 10:41 AM

Depart Dulles(IAD) – UA #0807 @ 1:25 PM to arrive (PEK) Beijing, China 14 Mar @ 3:40 PM”

4) Martha Whittington has all of the Chinese Renminbi for students who requested money.


Students will be able to get money from their trip leaders as they need it.

It is a beautiful day here in Beijing and I look forward to exploring the city with everyone once they arrive on Saturday evening.

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  1. Avatar Jennifer Lear says:

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work. It is appreciated.

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