Greetings from Beijing!

March 18, 2013

Hello everybody,

I am in Beijing getting everything ready for the arrival of 26 of the ninth graders! I spent the day out walking under bluebird skies and making sure that everything is ready for our different adventures here in Beijing. Tomorrow I will be going out to make reservations and start ordering food of each of our meals. (Food… one of my favorite things!)

I wanted to share a few images with everyone so they can see the beauty of Beijing in late March!

Beihai Park and the mountains to the northwest of Beijing.

I am standing at the White Stupa (the bell-shaped thing) in the first picture looking back at where that picture was taken from. Jingshan park is the backyard to the Forbidden City and one of my favorite parks in Beijing. The Eastern side of the city is in the background of this picture.

I am really excited to have the students arrive! You’ll hear more from me soon once they are all here.



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  1. Avatar Tedd Brown says:

    Great to see these pictures! Please post more as the adventure unfolds.
    Tedd Brown ’85

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