Greetings After a Long Weekend

October 15, 2008

As Tracey Wilkerson’s GLOG entry “Empty Dorm” explained, the campus was very quiet, due to the long weekend we take at this time of year. So because of this, my own GLOG entry will be short and sweet.
However, the Mountain AKA Sunday River was bustling with people grabbing their passes, signing up for seasonal programs and buying new stuff for the mountain. The new addition THE CHONDOLA was viewed by all and there was a massive crowd watching the International Wife Carrying Competition.

As you may remember, I asked a question last week, and that was:
How many sets of siblings go to Gould, and name them if you can?”

There was one reply, with the answer 9. Now this answer is right.


Technically wrong…… There are actually 11 siblings enrolled at Gould.
They are……..

Devon and Tucker Brown
Cooper and Crosby Taymore
Rosemary and Marguerite Weiser
Frances and Lydia Soctomah
Hilary and Taylor Reiss
Sun and Young Lee (twins)
Iona and Yeshe Hagl
Meagan and Wyatt Costello
Jane and JianQiang Guan
Abbey and Dougie Gardner
Conor and Shea McCarthy

The last two, do not arrive until the 8th grade winter term begins, but they are enrolled….!

Thanks to all that tried to work it out.

Over & Out from Davidson Hall
See you next week, The Davies


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