Green Grass, Painting Party, Facial-Hair Festivities.

April 21, 2008

Hey there readers, hows everybody doing? Its Monday again, one of the best days of the week to some, the worst to others. All I know is that no one can complain about anything up here in Bethel, for it has been one of the nicest weeks of weather I have ever seen. There wasn’t a cloud for five days, it never rained or precipitated, and it was warm enough to wear shorts. One of the best parts of this great week is the amazing amount of snow that has melted! The upper field is pretty much completely grass and there are only very small and scarce snow piles around campus. I believe that we are planned to have practice on our fields today, lets hope that there all dry and ready for us.

Classes are a little hectic at this point, but there not too bad. I’ve begun a lot of review for all my AP classes, because the big test is coming up soon and they want us as ready as possible. I’ve also got a great new class this spring that is very hard but a lot of fun: Painting! The teacher Jan “I love China and everything related to it in the slightest” Baker says that my class, Thacher “Sunglasses” Stone, Zach “3Park” Parker, Barrett “Love” Allen, Nobuki “Birds” Chiwata, and Katie “Katie” Keough, gets a little too rowdy, wild and crazy, but we really just get pumped to paint and then we really hit the easel hard. It really is a fun class that I’m absolutely loving.

One of the highlights of this last week was when 3Park “Zach” Parker had his eighteenth birthday on Tuesday. For those that have not been in recent contact with Tres-Park should know that he now sports an amazing mustache, so in honor of this, I’d say we got more than half of the guys at school to draw fake mustaches on! It was pretty crazy to walk into the Day Student Lounge and just see mustache after Mustache. There were even a few girls that donned a little mustachio for Zach, and even Dr. Brad “DC” Clarke got a mustache drawn on.

Well, I think that’s all I’ve got for now, but I’ll have more stuff to write about when next week rolls around, so tune in.


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