Greekness, Jalapeños, & Snow

December 7, 2010

So you might be asking what’s with the title for this week.. and well basically, these three words sum up this past weekend.  On Saturday morning, we all awoke to the beautiful sight of snow-covered fields and pathways. Winter is FINALLY starting to show, and I can say we are all extremely happy to see it arrive.  Now that we’ve had our first taste of snow, I can say its fair to expect we’ll all be praying for more.

Jalapeño poppers are delicious.  I suppose I should provide some background information regarding this tasty snack so it doesn’t seem completely random.. On Saturday night, the movies “The Losers” and “Get Him To The Greek” played in Ordway, where everyone set up couches and bed-like contraptions to snuggle in until midnight, (well at least the seniors got to stay until midnight).  I have to say the second movie was one of my favorites, and was absolutely hilarious (this is where the other part of my blog entry title came from.. I’m not sure why I explained everything backwards.)
Now that snowball is quickly approaching (coming to you this Saturday), the girls dorm especially is running in a chaotic manner.  Girls looking for dresses, trying on dresses, picking out outfits, planning makeup and hair… oh it never ends.

I hope you all have a good week and embrace the new snow.


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