The Great Gould Scavenger Hunt!

March 26, 2020

And the winners are…

Robin Chase Payson ’03 showing her Husky pride!

Congrats to our big winner, Robin Chace Payson ’03, who earned the most overall points. The parent prize goes to Noreen Senner P’22. The best overall entry goes to Alan Howard ’65, but he had some terrific competition. And the prize from our random drawing of all entries goes to Katie Knapp ’04. Thanks to everyone for playing. We love that you shared your memories with us during the quarantine! Keep scrolling for a look at all of the challenges and all of the wonderful submissions!

Gridiron Gang, submitted by Alan Howard ’65

Cabin fever setting in? Why not join your fellow Huskies for a little fun?

Every few days we’ll release a new challenge on Facebook and Instagram. To earn points you have to share a photo in the comments of that challenge on the Gould Facebook page. Feel free to share photos elsewhere, but that’s the only place you can share to complete a challenge and receive points.

After all of the challenges are done, we’ll tally up the points and celebrate the winners. Winners will receive a gift card to the Gould Store, as well as some serious Gould street cred. Prizes will be given in the following categories:

  1. Gould Alumni with the most points
  2. Gould Parent with the most points
  3. Best overall photo (judged by us!)
  4. A random drawing from everyone who completed a challenge

We’ll post updates here and share some of our favorite images along the way. To kick things off, we’ll start with an easy one.

Challenge #1: Yearbook

To get these points, you need to post a photo of yourself with your Gould yearbook. Bonus points if you show us YOUR photo in it!

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These Huskies were up to the task. Check out these awesome entries!

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Challenge #2: Faculty

We know these connections last a lifetime, so for Challenge #2, post a photo of you and a Gould faculty member, past or present, current or former. Show us the teachers who impacted your lives!

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Some of the remarkable entries!

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Challenge #3: Trophies, Medals, & Awards

For Challenge #3 we want to see some Gould swagger! Share an image of a trophy, medal, or any other award you won during your time at Gould.

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The hits keep coming. No consolation prizes here.

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Challenge #4: Gould Creativity

For Challenge #4 we want to see your creativity. Share an image of something you or your student created at Gould. We know there are lots of talented artists and makers out there!

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So much talent. Keep the work coming!

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Challenge #5: Sheltering in Style

For Challenge #5 we want to see how you are sheltering in place while showing off your Gould swag!

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Huskies thriving-in-place!

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Challenge #6: Stuck on Gould

For Challenge #6 we want to see if you’re still stuck on Gould!

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Gould Sticking Points

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Final Challenge: Commencement Mementos

For the last challenge, we want to pay tribute to the Class of 2020 and see your Gould Graduation keepsakes. Whether you have a cap or tassel, saved a program, or proudly display your diploma, we want to see it! We’ll also accept photos from the big day. (Provided you haven’t used it previously!)

Keep your eyes peeled, we’ll be announcing our winners soon!

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Pomp & Circumstance

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  1. Avatar Clarkson [Clark] Edwards says:

    My wife has sent my picture with my yearbook ! I first couldn’t find my picture and then found it in the front of my classes individual photo’s ! I forgot I was Treasurer of the class !! Smiles !! Clark

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