Great Day for Gould at Sassi!

January 27, 2014


After a rather cold week even for nordic folks it was nice to enjoy a bit of a warm spell( teens) Saturday!  Due to early conditions we did a good deal of classic skiing which paid off this weekend.  As a team we had some great results, as a group we also show cased our hard work skiing very well technically.

The day started with the Junior Sassi, show casing many of the best middle school skiers in the State. Ben Alford crushed the field WINNING with a time of 9:48!


Junior Sassi Podium!

The Sassi Memorial, the largest high school race in Maine was the focus for the rest of the day. The women headed out first. Melissa lead the pack in 48th, Hannah 64th, Pratt 135th, and Ani 152nd.

The men showed their depth and talent placing FIRST in the team scores!  Marcello  lead the crew in 3rd, Caleb was 6th, Andrew 10th, Marcus 18th, Aiden 38th, Max 48th, Schuyler 85th,Evan 94th, Donni 129th, and Logan 190th.


Mens Podium!

The sassi also severs as the qualifier for the J2 festival, held this year in Middlebury, Vermont.  Each state in New England plus New York bring a team of 20 men and 20 women for a weekend of fun and racing.  Gould Qualified three boys all with top 10 J2 finishes, Caleb 2nd, Andrew 3rd, and marcus 6th!!!


J2 Podium


 Mens J2 team


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