Great Day at the Great Wall

February 19, 2011

To steal an idea from Doug Alford: Quote of the Day: “Is that a Pizza Hut?… Win! win!” ~ a student on our drive through Beijing this morning

After a great night of sleep at the King’s Joy Hotel, we were up early for breakfast and headed out on a bus to the Great Wall. The wall is north of Beijing and was originally the demarcation between China and the “wild north.”  Words can’t describe the wall.  So, in lieu of attempting to try, since they say a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a bunch of pictures of today’s adventures.

We went to the Jinshanling Section of the Great Wall. It is mind boggling to me that we were walking on a structure built 134 years before Columbus “discovered” the Americas and renovated 200 years after being built… 444 years ago!

Since the wall was as much a tool for communication and watching out of the northern barbarians as for defense, it runs along the top ridges of the mountains north of Beijing. This meant a great deal of up and down for us hikers.

There were tons of photo opportunities on top of the wall.

Delaney P. and TC W. hanging out on the wall.

Justin S. taking a picture of Marcello D. and a god of the wall.

Annelisa at the bottom of the stairs.

Zach A. looking happy as we set up for the group photo.

After a great day at the wall, we came back to the city for an amazing Peking Duck dinner.

The mascot of BianYiFang, a famous duck restaurant in Beijing.

Watching the carving of the duck.

Tomorrow we are off to Panjiayuan, the Dirt or the Ghost Market, and then to Tian Tan, the Temple of Heaven.

Now it is time for bed.



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  1. Avatar Bob Harkins says:

    Great pictures!! Thank you so much…What an adventure for all…! Keep the news coming!!

  2. Avatar Wilma Gouger (Kaelan Fitzpatrick's grandmother) says:

    Awesome pictures! So happy for the chance of a lifetime for these kids. Wonderful to be able to travel along with them on a day-to-day basis. Thank you very much.

  3. Avatar Sara Shifrin says:

    Yahoo! What a great day!

  4. Avatar Kymberlie Gee says:

    Sooooo great to see pictures of Kyrstin! Can see she is really enjoying herself!

  5. Avatar Cynthia Galea says:

    How awesome The kids look like they are a having an adventure of a lifetime The purple pekinf duck on the skate board is their equivalent to our Ronald McDonald lets hope the food is better.

    Happy Birthday Bouji where ever you are tomorrow Have a fortune cookie to celebrate

  6. Avatar Lesley Rowse and Gary Inman says:

    So great to everyone standing on the Great Wall. What a fabulous adventure!

  7. Avatar Tim Bruce says:

    Thanks so much for the updates, great to see the pictures

  8. Avatar Cathy Martin says:

    Ali, the look on your face conveyed such eagerness for your imminent Duck dinner. PRICELESS!

  9. Avatar William D'Alessandro says:

    To Ali Martin,
    A memory you’ll never forget. Looks like a great trip and fun. Enjoy. Great deserts.

    Papa @Nana

  10. Avatar William D'Alessandro says:

    Great trip Ali. Enjoy. Bring back some Peking duck.

    • Avatar Ali says:

      I wish I could but I just got this comment and I’m in Chengdu now. Plus I think duck would be hard to bring back… but I’m thinking of you and I miss you!!

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