Grease Is The Word!

May 20, 2015

OVERHEARD AT THE DRESS REHEARSAL: “Aaaaaauuuuggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

GREASE! Gould’s spring musical production opens this Thursday at 7:30, with a second performance on Saturday (also at 7:30)! Our determined Thespians, Techies, and Musicians have been hard at work for the past ten years (okay, seven weeks) putting together this spectacular display of energy, hand jives, and …well, grease.

I know you’ll all be there in Bingham Hall Theater on Thursday AND Saturday, but that you’re also waiting with baited breath. So I’ve decided to make a compromise and show you all out there in GLOGland a few little pieces of the show, as a teaser. Here they are:

Here is a piece of our beautiful set:

Our beautiful set

Our beautiful set

Nice, right?  Here’s a piece of costume, hand-created by our crack technical crew:

Very pink...

Very pink…

And, of course, how about those props? HAND MADE! Look…

3-D, anyone?

3-D, anyone?

I bet you can’t wait to hear the orchestra! Especially this song:

Nice notes, Oscar!

Nice notes, Oscar!

And finally, the actors! Just take a gander at this one, and remember her performance on Thursday!

What a face!  What nuance!

What a face! What nuance!


See you all at the show!!!!


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  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    Just back from the show – great job!!! It was wonderful!!!!!

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