May 13, 2013

Hi everyone!

So, yesterday we hosted our home race, and had some great results. If any of you were in Bethel, you know that the weather was not so great. I’ll let you know that I was not looking forward to the test of our physiques at all. I was not happy it wasn’t getting cancelled.

However, once we got going, I wrapped my head around it pretty good and pulled in for my best result of the year, 12th place in the A boys (I set a handful of KOM’s on strava as well!). It was a tough race, with heavy rain which fogged up my glasses, so I had to take them off, which hurt my eyes. It is a tough climb in general anyways! There was a pretty gnarly crash at mile 17 which I narrowly avoided, and I wish the best to the two who got wrapped up in it.

I also had the luck to lead my teammate, Yacht, the other A boy who was racing. He ended up 5th, which was really exciting for me. I’ll post the link to the entire results sheet when they are posted online, but I was in the car after the race, as I was pretty cold!

Also, I want to thank everyone who came to the parents weekend festivities, including the residential rumble (I hope everyone had fun with that), bidding on some awesome items at the four point auction, and just hanging out with your kids! I hope everyone had a good time!

Lastly, Happy Mother’s day to everyone out there celebrating it! We really appreciate all that you do!


Have a good week!



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