GouldSPOTLIGHT: William Ayotte

February 6, 2018

3D Design & Modeling class in the Marlon Family IDEAS Center

Name: William Ayotte

High School: Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School

College/Grad School: Central Maine Community College

What are your roles at Gould?
Maker-in-Residence, Teacher, Learn to Ride Instructor, Boy JV Soccer Coach

Ski & Ride at Sunday River

Proudest Achievement: Building my first CNC router. My motivation to do so was my prop building hobby. However, the decision led me to learn the principles of mechanical engineering and robotics. This was the pivotal moment for me as an engineer. When I started it no one thought I could successfully build the machine. Afterwards, it hit me that it didn’t matter what other people thought, but rather that I believed I could do it. This realization gave me the confidence to try things like building multirotor drones or learning fine woodworking. These are all things that people might have thought were beyond me at one point in time, now; they are things I’m considered an expert in. That is why I’m a teacher today. I want to enable the student no one else believes can do it but has a real interest.

Digital Fabrication class discussion

Last book I read: Exploring Arduino

My soundtrack is: Tricky question. Glitch Mob – We Can Make the World Stop or Outasight – Now or Never.

Movie I would recommend: Brazil the final cut.

Favorite food: New York-style Pizza

One word that describes me: Persistent

Best advice I ever received: A straight line from point A to B may be the fastest route, but it’s far from the only route.

Why Gould?
One word, opportunity. I changed careers for the opportunity to help students achieve their potential.

What’s the last thing you crossed off your bucket list?
Seeing a sunrise from an alpine mountaintop in the winter.

Celebrating at the top of Katahdin with his fiance Caroline.

What are your interests/hobbies?
Road cycling, snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, gaming, woodworking.

What animal do you most identify with? Raven


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