GouldSPOTLIGHT: Jay Riley

November 28, 2017


Name: Jay Riley

High School: Noble and Greenough School

College/Grad School: Bates College, BA, English (w/plenty of French and Bio), Northwestern University, MBA, Marketing

What are your roles at Gould? English teacher, Winter Outing Club Coach, Road Cycling Coach, Holden dorm, Advisor, Junior Four Point leader, Orientation Trip leader, Bandit Camping trip leader, and whatever else they ask!

Proudest Achievement: Helping three lovely children grow into lovely adults (28, 31, 34). Finding I can still keep a smile on my face while asking questions and expecting a lot from life.

Last book I read: Lucifer’s Banker: The Untold Story of How I Destroyed Swiss Bank Secrecy by Bradley C. Birkenfeld

My soundtrack is: Allman Brothers, Derek and the Dominoes and other Clapton, Marshall Tucker Band, The Mallett Brothers, annnnnd The J. Geils Band!

Movie I would recommend: Beverly Hills Cop, The Eagle Huntress, The Beckoning Silence.

Throwback to Orientation 2014.

Favorite food: Saba – mackerel sashimi, any cold-ocean small fishy fish, all shellfish, nachos at home with Betsy after dorm duty, and I believe the French when they say, “the best sauce is a good appetite!”

One word that describes me: Logical, active, seeking enjoyment, and learning that one-word answers are often incomplete 🙂

Best advice I ever received: The sooner you figure out that your dad is usually right, the better your life will go.

Why Gould?
Where better?! From the life of the mind to sunrise skinning up the mountain, living and learning here offer a superior range and variety of students, opportunities, and activities. I’ve loved my Gould roles as a parent, a Trustee, and now as a teacher.

Impromptu bike repair in Colmar, France.

What’s the last thing you crossed off your bucket list?
Oh boy, Betsy and I maintain a six-page Google doc, all of which is summarized on the only item stuck on the ‘fridge door: an annotated pencil sketch on a wrinkly piece of scrap paper! Let’s see… learning to bake crusty dinner rolls, cycling across all Europe (Belgium to Turkey), staying a few weeks in Durango to see if we could live there.

What are your interests/hobbies?
Developing a beautiful life with Betsy (my wife), while skiing, alpine ski touring, bicycling and bicycle touring, visiting five children and four parents, hiking all over the place, making kitchen magic, getting lost.

What is your spirit animal? Originally the leopard—a big, strong, fast mammal that can crush it in almost every climate zone. Lately, those tortoises that live peacefully for over a century are gaining my curiosity and admiration.

Getting lost in Chamonix with Betsy.


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  1. Avatar Mark Aspinwall says:

    Awesome! A real role model for all generations. But what was the verdict after living in Durango?

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