Gould’s newest crossover sport!

December 10, 2014

OVERHEARD AT LUCH IN ORDWAY: (Student)- “So what is the difference between nordic and alpine skiing?”
(Teacher)- “Well, if you’re skiing uphill, it’s probably nordic.”

Winter is here!  There’s snow on the ground, chill in the air, and new Gould students can’t figure out what day it is, or what time assembly starts (of if there even IS assembly today). Nothing means winter like a Gould student wandering around, trying to find out where their classmates are and what clothes they should be wearing.

I come from a family of nordic skiers. Ben, Chaia, and Andee (a.k.a. Mrs. Alford, or “Super-Mom”) all ski uphill. In my downhill-skiing/snowboard-riding mind, this is a little crazy. Isn’t that why we have chairlifts? I mean, why not use the tools we have been given? Skiing uphill is a little like trying to open a can with your teeth instead of using the can opener.

Anyways, I am always looking for opportunities to get closer to my family in the outdoors. We all hike, kayak, and whitewater raft in the “other” seasons. But now I think I’ve found a new sporting opportunity. One that really will get me closer to my peeps. So “scooch over, nordic skiers. Here I come on my Burton 158, goofy foot setup. NEVER step out!

See you on the…uhh, path? Logging road? Sidewalk?



Yes, you can buy a pet chipmunk in Barcelona.

Yes, you can buy a pet chipmunk in Barcelona.


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  1. Chris Hayward Chris Hayward says:

    Hilarious video Doug. Who needs a split-board when you can scooch?

  2. Avatar Bill McCartney says:

    Thanks, Doug. I’ve found my new passion!

  3. Avatar Nancy says:

    Loved the video:)

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